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Over 20 years of proven performance

Are you under pressure to drive costs down, but won’t risk compromising filter quality and performance? The solution is Donaldson Blue™ extended service life air filters from the leaders in air filtration. Designed with advanced Ultra-Web® nanofibre technology, Donaldson Blue™ air filters have nearly two decades of proven on-site performance in extending filter service life and maximising engine protection in some of the biggest mines in the world.

Designed specifically for extended service maintenance programs, Donaldson Blue™ air filters can deliver you a world of benefits:

•    Ultra-high efficiency
•    Ultra-Long filter life
•    Ultra-engine protection
•    Ultra-capacity
•    Ultra-savings

Donaldson Blue™ Air Filters

Donaldson Blue™ air filters feature Donaldson’s advanced, proprietary Ultra-Web® nanofibre technology. Ultra-Web® is a very fine, continuous fibre that forms a permanent web-like net which causes contaminant to load on the surface, rather than dispersing inside the filter where there is less area for the air to flow.

In laboratory and field tests, Donaldson Blue™ air filters provided better engine protection by allowing less contaminant to pass through the media than cellulose air filters. Donaldson Blue™ air filters also reach a 99.98% initial efficiency faster than cellulose air filters. Both these factors lead to longer engine life.

Donaldson Blue™ air filters hold up to five times more contaminant than cellulose air filters, making them ideal for extended filter maintenance intervals. Meaning less vehicle downtime and reducing long-term operating costs.


Quality Guaranteed!

When you buy Donaldson you can be certain you are buying the best. Our aftermarket warranty provides cover for 1 year from installation or, for the normal service interval period as stated in the equipment manufacturers service manual (whichever occurs first). The use of aftermarket filtration will not void engine and equipment manufacturers’ warranties.


Donaldson Blue™ Air Filters provide superior filtration efficiency in heavy dust environments.


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